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Then go back to tomveatch and try again. You can restrict cookies to only those that come from and go to the same domain or server as the current page.

More about cookies:

  • Teachionary uses cookies to improve the quality of our services to you.

  • Cookies are bits of data that connect together your visits to our website.

  • Cookies allow us to provide you with a more complete and personalized experience.

  • Many features cannot be provided if cookies are not enabled.

  • For example, Teachionary uses cookies. Visitors studying a curriculum of word sets would like see evidence of their progress. This is made possible by cookies.

To enable cookies:

  • MS Internet Explorer
    • (some versions): click on "Tools", then "Internet Options", then "Privacy", then set it to any level other than "Block All Cookies".

    • (other (older) versions): click on "Tools", then "Internet Options", then "Security", then "Internet", then select an appropriate security level. For example, you could select "Custom Level", then scroll down to the section on "Cookies", then check the "Enable" or "Prompt" checkboxes for
      "Allow cookies that are stored on your computer" and for
      "Allow per-session cookies (not stored)".

    • To check if MSIE has previously been accepting cookies or not: Follow the sequence MSIE => Tools => Internet Options => Temporary Internet Files, Settings => View Files, then look for a file named "" and/or "". If it exists, you have accepted a cookie from us. If not, you have not, and login and browsing and other functions will be broken.
    • MSIE alternative solution: In some cases MSIE may have cookies and session cookies set to "enabled" or "prompt" under Tools => Internet Options, yet the user is not prompted for our cookies, and furthermore you see this page, indicating that cookies were refused.
      • Check if cookies are accepted or not following the above bullet point.
      • We have found that the error went away after upgrading to the latest version of MSIE. After doing START => Windows Update, we find that the problem goes away, and also the list of settings under Tools => Internet Options, then Security, then Internet, then Custom Level, scrolling down, there is no longer any section or setting for cookies or session cookies. So: try the MSIE upgrade and let us know if that doesn't help.

  • Netscape (some versions): click "Edit", then "Preferences", then "Advanced", then "Only accept cookies originating from the same server as the page being viewed".

  • Mozilla (some versions): click "Edit", then "Preferences", then "Privacy...", then "Enable cookies for the originating web site only".

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